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Italian translation

Landing on the Italian market with the right words

Translation is like going on a journey to your ideal customer in a foreign land. Sometimes adventurous, and not without risks.

How do you prepare for a trip into the unknown? Without a doubt, you’ll read guides and reports, study distances and times, and look for the best route. Maybe you’ll look for a fellow traveller who knows more about it than you do. Someone who not only knows how to speak the local language, but also knows your destination like the back of his/her hand, who knows how to consult maps and get you to your destination without setbacks.

This is my job as a professional translator.

I educate myself: I study your business and your audience, in great detail. I analyse your text, the meaning of your message. I do research: I explore the terms of your industry, looking for the most suitable words to get the message across to your customers. I put my knowledge to good use: I translate your text using all my skills and what I have learnt on the subject through experience and on-going education. I interpret it taking into account all the cultural differences between your world and Italy. I dodge pitfalls: if a part of the text is unclear, I ask for clarifications to dispel any doubts and stay on course.

The outcome is a text that really helps you hit your target and therefore arrive at your intended destination.

Shall we take this journey together?

Discover my translation services

German-Italian, English-Italian, Spanish-Italian

Website translations

A translation that is true to your brand and accurately represents it on-line

Website translations

Your website is your business’ on-line identity; your chance to be found by your ideal customers on the net. It is the result of a strategy that you have studied in detail to market your products or services and to consolidate your brand. The tone of your voice reveals who you are and also who your audience is.

These may seem obvious, yet they are crucial elements to take into account when translating a web page. It is of utmost importance to never lose sight of the pillars on which the brand is built, the audience and the goal of a website if we’d like the content to convert also in another language.

The brand’s communication strategy must also be reflected in the website’s translated version, to ensure that the emotional link between the brand and your customers clearly calls out to them. It is often the result of a creative process: on-line content catchphrases are carefully analysed, their communicative intention is extrapolated, and ideas are left to incubate. Then a solution is formed that can convey the same message with the same force but in a way that can be used by users who speak another language.

If you would like to translate your website into Italian, I can offer you the skills required to convey what makes you unique to an Italian audience. I have translated hundreds of websites from German, English and Spanish into Italian and I keep up to date with digital marketing. Recent personal interests include User Experience Writing: the creation of micro-texts to make the user experience as pleasant and as simple as possible when browsing a website or app. Want to work with me?

Translation of on-line content

But what would a website be without a marketing strategy on other channels?

I translate all your on-line content into Italian:


Social media content

Campaign ads

Subtitles of promotional videos

Women using computer laptop to find what they are interested in. Searching information data on internet networking concept

Translation for SEO and Search Engine Advertising

Keywords underlying your digital marketing strategy cannot be translated freely. To find search terms that generate traffic, it is crucial to find out how your ideal Italian customer searches on-line.

Through linguistic and cultural knowledge and using the right tools, I assist SEO specialists in finding the most used keywords based on their target audience and industry, to boost your ad campaign’s success or improve your website’s positioning for your Italian audience.

Creative translation

Your creative content in a new guise for your Italian audience

What is creative translation? Isn’t translation itself a creative process? There is no doubt that translating requires creativity in addition to one’s language skills. If this were not the case, translations would be flat, lifeless, unintelligible texts.

Yet there are contexts in which creativity is the undisputed star of a translation, it becomes, so to speak, the art director of the situation. Take, for example, the claims of an advertising campaign: puns, expressions related to the target culture, humour, emotions are all woven into a single sentence. They are catchy due to the use of rhymes and assonances, therefore having an impact on the audience and persuading to take action. Translating a claim sometimes means abandoning the original text and completely reformulating it, giving light to a new idea without compromising the effect on the target audience.

This is creative translation or transcreation: a process in itself, where translation and copywriting merge, the transposition of the message’s soul and the creation of a brand new text to appeal to one’s audience.

Want your creative content to hook Italian target users?

Entrust me with the transcreation of:

  • On-line advertising campaigns
  • Press announcements
  • Content for e-mail marketing
  • Social media content
  • Website texts
  • Scripts and subtitles
  • Video games
  • Corporate magazines
  • Advertising brochures
  • Informative texts
  • Digital and off-line courses

Technical translation

Knowledge and terminological consistency: essential when translating technical texts

Would you entrust the translation of the content on your transmission systems to a literary translator?

If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for a technical translation professional. A translator who can translate texts from technical fields, such as mechanics or wind energy, characterised by specialised terms and complex sentences. A wordsmith with industry knowledge and expertise in the use of terminology. And of course also great accuracy and strict adherence to best standards to create a translation that is true to the original text.

If the text you need translated is technical, I can be of help. I bring to the table 15 years of experience in technical translation and continuous communication with engineers, technicians, professionals. My collaboration with field experts has always been a unique opportunity to fully understand the concepts and rather obscure jargon of the sectors I work for. In addition to this valuable exchange, I also bring to the table upskilling through on-going training and refresher sessions, both at the customer’s premises and through specific courses.

Feel free to contact me if you would like a professional technical translation of:

  • Websites and on-line content
  • Software and apps
  • Business platforms
  • Subtitles of corporate videos
  • Training content
  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Presentations
  • Press releases

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