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Hi, my name is
Michela Donda

I am a translator, proofreader and copywriter.

I’m driven to help entrepreneurs in the technical and creative worlds make themselves known and create an impact on the Italian market through word usage. I offer carefully drafted texts that put readers’ emotions at the centre of your writing and make your brand stand out.

Translations and proofreading
German, English, Spanish→Italian
Copywriting in Italian

Specialised know-how and content that resonates for your brand

We as business owners try to express our individuality through our brand and effectively communicate the ideals that make us pour so much energy and knowledge into our project: our mission.

When we choose to share the results of our hard work with the world, we want to be supported by professionals who know what they are doing and understand our brand’s true spirit.

If your brand’s target is Italy, I can be of assistance. I translate your words or write customised creative content by efficiently tapping into the values your company wishes to convey while creating an emotional link between your product and audience.

I offer specialised know-how and content that resonates: rely on my expertise and allow your audience to get a taste of your unique offering through your product or service.

Discover my services

Italian translation services

From German, English and Spanish

Does your website design copy need an Italian version? Are you a leading authority in your field and would you like to share your know-how with the Italian public? Would you like to promote your creations with a social media marketing campaign also targeted at Italian users?

I translate your content with a fluid writing style and choosing the right words, adapting it to your audience. I offer you 15 years of experience as a German-Italian, English-Italian and Spanish-Italian translator. I skilfully employ your industry’s technical terminology based on its context. I transform your brilliant ad campaign into a high impact message that is both meaningful and in harmony with Italian culture through creative translation. In this way, you can then strike the right chords with your customers.

Proofreading and editing services in Italian

From German, English and Spanish

Have you had your precious content translated into Italian and would you like to make sure that the translation is perfect in all aspects? Or do you simply need a quick check of the spelling and punctuation of your Italian text?

I am meticulous in comparing your original content with its translation, I dwell on the rendering of the message and its nuances, ensuring that it is true to your brand’s voice.

Regardless of the quality of your German-Italian, English-Italian and Spanish-Italian translation, proofreading will allow you to avoid communication pitfalls with your audience and capture their interest, ensuring your message gets across.


Italian copywriting and writing services

What if I wrote content for you? I will study your brand and audience in depth to become your voice. I will create new content in line with your values: creative writing that effectively converts into clicks and showcases your business and products to your audience.

Do you need ad hoc content for your advertising campaign in Italy? Do you have lots of ideas for your newsletter or blog but don’t know how to shape them into content that translates into customer “clicks”? Does the Italian content of your website need a makeover? Hire me to write your content!

Would you like a customised quote?

If my services have tickled your interest, all you need to do is to take the next step: let’s talk numbers! Tell me about your project and I will give you a free customised quote.

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Digital products

Marketing, business

Medicine and Health

Life sciences

Training and education

Luxury, food and wine, tourism

Medical and safety technology

Mechanics, Automotive

What customers say

Glossa Group GmbH has been using the translation and proofreading services of Michela Donda in the language combinations German→Italian and English→Italian since 2009.
The orders we place with her are for translations of technical documentation, promotional brochures, contracts. The timely and accurate performance of all translations and proofreading jobs, even really urgent ones, provides convincing proof of the quality and reliability of her work every time and makes collaboration with her extremely pleasant, cooperative and constructive.

Andrea Gaburro / Authorized representative of Glossa Group GmbH

We have been working quite happily and successfully with Ms Donda since 2014.

In these now almost 10 years, she has proven to be a reliable and competent translator and proofreader. Her work is based on excellent research and deliveries are always on time.
Due to her expertise and good communication skills, working with Ms Donda is an extremely positive experience.

traduco Fachübersetzungen GmbH

We are very happy with Michela's service. She was responsive, communicative and on time. Thank you, Michela.

Edward Potter / Project Manager International Language Services

Michela Donda assisted one of our customers as a German and Italian-speaking interpreter during technical-commercial negotiations in the field of LED constructions and metal stands for outdoor monitors.
Her work was highly appreciated by the participants, who pointed out that she was very kind and professional, rising to the occasion in a discreet but functional manner.

Davide Beretti / Mondo Agit Italia

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