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Italian proofreading

Protect your brand's image by checking and correcting your texts

A significant amount of work goes into creating a brand and marketing it. Communicating with your customers also requires giving them a lot of attention. You want to communicate clearly, effectively, straight from the heart. Even when you interact with your Italian customers. Misrepresented concepts, a clumsy style or even a simple spelling mistake in your translated content can make communications less transparent. Not only that, but the above can create an unprofessional image of your brand and drive away potential customers.

That is why it is essential to check the quality of your Italian translations. Whether done in-house or commissioned from an external translator, all translations should be checked by another linguist. An error detective who, like a good private investigator, does not let the smallest detail slip through his fingers when working on a case, asking the right questions and putting his analytical skills to good use. And who solves the case through flawless content that keeps readers glued to the end, as in the best mystery novels.

If you would like to prevent errors in your content from damaging your brand’s reputation, use my proofreading services. You can count on my 15 years of experience as a proofreader of Italian translations in various fields. I will ensure your texts are correct, both in terms of form and content, to easily convey your brand’s message.

Proofreading Italian translations: how I can help you

Depending on the type of text and your quality requirements, I can offer you various proofreading services.

In-depth proofreading

If you’d like to ensure that the translation you have commissioned is flawless in all ways, then this service is for you. In this case, I review your translations and compare them carefully with the original texts. I detect errors in meaning, reviewing grammar and spelling. If necessary, I work on the text’s style to render it more understandable. At the end of the review, I can also provide you with general feedback or a detailed report with all the corrections made.

Proofreading of technical translations

If you’d like to ensure that industry-specific terminology has been used in the translation of your technical text, then this service is for you. This is a comprehensive review during which I will apply my knowledge of your field. I check that the correct technical terms have been used based on the context. I study your corporate style guides and glossaries to ensure they are used consistently. If you wish, I will send you an evaluation of the terminology-specific technical translation so that you can have an overview of the work done.

Would you like to hire me to proofread a technical translation? Have a look at my specialty fields.

Basic proofreading

Are you sure about the quality of the translation and simply want to make sure that no typos and impertinent commas have been missed? Then what you need is not a thorough revision but rather a simple correction of any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and typographical conventions. I skip over comparing the translation with its original text and devote myself directly to a careful reading of the translated text. I check that the text is fluent and clear, eliminating all mistakes.


Italian proofreading services:
how it works

Checking the source text

First, I look at the original text. Is this a technical or marketing text? In fact, the requirements for proofreading change depending on the type of text. I read it carefully to identify the message's intention, target audience, tone of voice, and choice of words.

Proofreading with the two texts (original and translation) side by side

I compare each sentence of the original with its translation. In doing so, I never lose sight of the various aspects of flawless translation:

I ensure that the meaning of individual words, expressions and the entire sentence has been correctly transposed into Italian. In the case of transcreation, I make sure that the translator’s creative solutions have hit the mark.

I check that the most appropriate terms are used in the relevant context.

I check that the translation contains industry-specific terms and that these have been used correctly. If you have provided me with a company glossary, I check that it has been used by the translator for all entries.

 The sentence must be correctly structured and must not have any conjugation, gender or number errors

No spelling and punctuation or accentuation errors escape my magnifying glass.

Checking that there are no omissions. Also words left out, forgotten, have an impact on the message you wish to convey.

I check that the format of the translation is identical to that of the source text and adapt it if necessary. Bolds and returns are safe!

The translation’s style must be true to the original without compromising on clarity. I make sure that the target text has a consistent style, suitable for your audience and at the same time that it is fluent and can be interpreted unambiguously.

All countries differ in terms of culture and the way they communicate. From idioms to date and time format, these local peculiarities must be appropriately localised by the translator to make the text usable for its final readers.

Reading the corrected text

After making all changes, I reread the entire text to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Drafting the report

If you have asked me for feedback, I write a short general evaluation or a detailed report on the translation and send it to you together with the corrected text within the deadline.

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