About me

Welcome to my page!
My name is Michela Donda and words are my profession.
I am a translator, editor and content creator.

About you

“They wanted to expand their online presence into the Italian market and were looking for a skilled translator who would not only rend their content in another language, but give it the nuances of their audience’s culture. Among their search terms were knowledge of technical terminology and, at the same time, a creative approach that could help create new opportunities through words…”. That’s the prequel of the collaboration with my typical customer and, if you see yourself in these words, also with you.

About me

My fascination for foreign languages started early and is rooted in both my family history and my childhood. I was born in a borderland. My grandmother and my mother used to speak to each other in a Slovenian dialect, which was incomprehensible to me. Those strange-sounding and unknown words were like a secret code I was eager to decode. Searching for this key, I have travelled many paths: from the essential university education in literary and technical-scientific translation in Trieste to real life experience in the field.

Funnily enough, my first experience as a translator began in the German city of Kiel, which had hosted my grandfather as a young migrant worker. His anecdotes of that time certainly contributed to my natural Fernweh, that led me to live in different cities long enough to be permeated by the local culture. Vienna, Berlin, Leeds, Lisbon, Recife, Hamburg and now Barcelona: Which is where I began offering translationtext editing and content creation services as a freelancer. Click on these links to learn more about my offer or contact me to request more information.


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