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Specialised translations for the medical and health care sector

Are you looking for a translator who specialises in medicine and healthcare? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I bring to the table 15 years of experience as a translator and proofreader in this field.

My customers are small and big companies in various branches of medicine, from dermatology to anaesthesiology and cardiology. For this industry, I translate large instruction manuals as well as web content and localise software and apps.

I carry out all projects with the greatest care and accuracy. I continue to learn in these topics through specific courses and special readings. I am also a doula and lactation consultant: accompanying mothers on their journey. I am very familiar with everything that revolves around pregnancy, childbirth, post-partum care and breastfeeding. 

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    Super-specialisation: medical devices​

    My medical translation portfolio contains thousands of texts related to medical devices. I translate and perform quality control daily on manuals, brochures and web content on incubators, mechanical ventilation and anaesthesia systems, defibrillators, dermatoscopy systems.
    I am familiar with the register and terminology of the above documents, which draws from both medicine and various other fields, such as artificial intelligence or mechanics.

    For the medical and healthcare sector, I offer German-Italian, English-Italian and Spanish-Italian translations and proofreading of:

    • Websites for specialists and the general public
    • Medical device software as well as health and wellness apps
    • Clinical studies and scientific articles
    • Informative articles and brochures
    • Manuals and web content related to medical products
    • Reports and medical records

    Life sciences

    Biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector


    The life sciences sector in Italy stands for excellence. It is dynamic, innovative, and experiencing a great expansion. Advances in this field make it possible to experiment with new solutions, ensuring a better quality of care and better quality of life for people. Just think of the benefits of cloud computing for testing the response to new drugs or gene editing for studying viruses and developing related vaccines.

    Constantly educating oneself on new developments in life sciences is therefore crucial for translating texts from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. In order to offer you effective translations and proofreading in this field, I always keep myself up-to-date through study and reading, acquiring new know-how and expanding my knowledge of specific terms.

    I speak your industry's language

    When you address your customers, you speak your industry’s language. This type of communication is based on knowledge of the field and its specific terminology. To effectively convey your message to the Italian public, it must be interpreted by a linguist who can speak the same language.

    As I specialise in several areas, I can offer you this service. Over the years, I have consolidated my knowledge through direct contact with customers in specific industries, attending training courses and trade fairs. I’ll tell you a little more: I continue to nurture my curiosity for certain areas even in my private life.

    Not found your sector?

    Contact me and I will let you know in a very short time if I can take care of the translation or proofreading of your text.

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