Whether technical, advertising or popular scientific: I translate your text from German, English or Spanish into Italian in a fluid style, using the appropriate lexicon and codes of the target culture. Your readers will think they are reading an original text, not a translation!

Technical translation

If the text you want to translate is technical, you need a professional translator who is familiar with the grammatical characteristics of these text types and especially with the specific terminology of your sector. I can offer you this kind of experience: throughout my professional career, training and a continuous collaboration with companies have allowed me to get acquainted with the technical terms of various specialist fields, from biotechnology to mechanics, from wind energy to medical and safety technology. I work with companies, agencies and professionals from many different sectors. Contact me and discover if yours is one of them.

Creative translation

In addition to technical translation, I like to take on the challenge of rendering more creative texts. While in a specialized translation the word choice is based on sector-specific knowledge and extensive and thorough terminology research, creative content requires a freer transposition to convey its aesthetics, word-plays and every nuance of meaning. Rely on me for the translation of advertising campaigns, audio-visual materials, or blogs: I will reproduce the message in an effective way, paying particular attention to the target culture to engage with your customers.

My work tools

I work with the main Computer Assisted Translation software, the so-called CAT tools. These programs are based on translation memories, which allow for terminological consistency in all texts provided by the same customer and guarantee a professional result. These are the applications I use every day:

  • SDL Trados Studio
  • STAR Transit
  • Across

In a nutshell

Contact me if you want to translate:

  • websites, apps
  • advertising publications
  • marketing and social media texts
  • press articles, press releases
  • popular science texts, learning material
  • subtitles…

from German into Italian
from English into Italian
from Spanish into Italian


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