Text editing

Misinterpreted concepts, an inconsistent style or spelling errors in a translation make communication less clear. This creates an unprofessional image that can alienate potential customers. This is why you need my text editing services.
Editing is a fundamental step at the end of the translation process. To ensure an impeccable target text, each translation, however accurate, has to be reviewed by another linguist. When I edit a text, I check the semantic and lexical equivalence of the translation to your original text, with a careful eye on grammar and spelling. If necessary, I improve the style used for a better understanding by your audience. I also make sure that the text has been correctly localised, i.e. that the conventions and different aspects of the target culture have been respected.

Editing of technical translations

A technical text is characterized by the specific terminology of a certain sector. When I edit a technical translation, my job is to check that the correct technical terms have been used according to the context and that your corporate glossaries and style guides have been applied consistently. I revise your texts in their final format, with the help of CAT tools or, on request, directly on your website. If you wish, I will evaluate every aspect of the translation to give you an overview of the work done.

Double check

If, instead of a thorough review, you simply need to correct any spelling, grammar, punctuation or typographical errors, I can check your translations according to the ‘four-eye principle’. By double checking, the proof reader assists the translator in revising the final text, in order to eliminate any oversight with certainty.

In a nutshell

If you need your text edited, I will guarantee:

  • a translation free of errors of meaning, vocabulary, syntax, spelling, omission, punctuation, format
  • a better readability and understandability of the text
  • a coherent style that is suitable for your audience
  • a translation adapted to the target culture…
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